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You’re in control of whether other agents can see your properties or not. Your listings are only visible to other agents if you select the option to make it visible to other agents.
The default setting is that your listings is not visible to other agents.
We were estate agents ourselves before we started Realest. 😊

To update your password first log out and then follow the ‘forgot password’ steps from the login screen.

Please share a web-link of your of your listings so we can confirm that your name and contact details matches the details used to sign up on the app.

Email the link to [email protected]

Please note that we implement these measures in order to ensure that your estate agent identify is not used by someone else and also to keep the platform professional only to be more enjoyable for you.

The Realest app syncs appointments to your device calendar.
As an example if you’re using a Samsung then your appointments will sync to your Samsung calendar and if you’re using an iPhone then your appointments will sync to your Apple calendar.

From your own device calendar you can easily set up a sync to a Google or Outlook calendar or any other calendar.

You can update your email or mobile number in the profile section on the app.
Tap on the profile icon and follow the prompts from there.

Realest data is hosted on AWS secure hosting. It’s the same hosting used be several banks and other highly sensitive industries.
In terms of Realest as a business, we at Realest are ex estate agents ourselves and fully appreciate the sensitivities the real estate industry.
Realest will never expose or sell client data.
The Realest app also allows you to export all your data to an excel attachment to your email, at any time and as many times as you want.
So you can make backups of your data as often as you wish.

Select your profile image which is top right on the home screen and then select ‘edit’ on the personal details section.

If you didn’t find your questions here then send us an email to
[email protected]